About Woodster

Woodster Lidz was created because of the need for an affordable yet high quality and durable body for the HPI Baja 5T. One of the biggest complaints with the stock body is its durability, and it's only made from .030 polycarbonate. Our 5T body is made from genuine .093 Lexan which has proven to be very durable, and able to take the abuse of racers and bashers alike! Many hours of testing went into the final decision of using .093 material and it seems to have paid off. We have many, many customers who rave about the Woodster Lidz body.

After a few months, people started asking for a more "scale" like version body which has Trophy truck looks, but also has wider fenders front and rear which cover the wheels and tires. Well the time has come! Sept 1st we will be introducing our "wide" body version for the HPI Baja 5T truck. It has killer Trophy Truck styling and scale looks that set it apart from the rest. We will have pics of our painted up test body real soon.

Woodster 5T Bodys