Woodster Body Tips

Thank  you for choosing an original Woodster Lidz body for your HPI Baja 5T.  We wanted to include a few simple tips to help you along in getting your new body painted and mounted up correctly.

1. Before painting your new body, take the time to get your body post holes marked out and lined up correctly.  I suggest taking the clear body, setting it on top of your chassis with the wheels in place, and making sure our pre-­marked holes line up correctly with your body posts. In some cases they maybe slightly off due to misalignment of the post  from previous bashing sessions or so forth. Occasionally the front end of your chassis will get bent and that will cause the posts to move out of alignment.

2. With the standard body, your factory post settings should  be   just  fine  to  mount  the  body  to.  If  you're  mounting  up  a  "wide"   body  version,  we  suggest  you  move  the  front  and  rear  posts   up.  There  are  a  couple  of  reasons  for  this,  but  the  main   reason  is  in  order  to  achieve  the  flat  surface  on  the  hood,  we   have  to  make  up  for  the  lost  space  where  the  mounting  posts   would  normally  be  set  at  from  the  factory.  We  suggest  moving   the  front  and  rear  posts  up  two  notches,  which  will  raise  the   body  up  on  the  chassis.    The  side  post  mounts  need  to  also   move  out  two  notches  each.  This  is  because  of  the  wider  body   and  allows  the  posts  to  hold  the  sides  of  the  body  correctly.     Once  you  are  satisfied  that  the  body  posts  line  up  correctly,     go  ahead  and  pre  drill  your  mounting  holes.    Use  a  3/16ths   bit  to  drill  a  pilot  hole,  and  leave  it  at  that  for  now.  Later  on   down  the  road  we  will  talk  about  drilling  the  holes  out  to  the   correct  size.  

2. With the standard body, your factory post settings should  be just fine to mount the body  to.  If you're mounting  up  a  "wide" body version,  we  suggest  you move  the front  and  rear  posts up.  There  are  a  couple  of  reasons  for this,  but  the  main reason  is  in  order  to achieve  the  flat surface  on  the  hood,  we have  to  make  up for  the  lost  space  where  the  mounting  posts would  normally  be set at from  the  factory.  We suggest moving the front and rear posts up two  notches, which will raise  the body up on the chassis. The  side post mounts  need  to also move out two notches  each. This is because  of the wider  body and  allows  the posts to hold  the sides of the body correctly.  Once  you  are  satisfied  that the body posts  line  up  correctly, go  ahead  and pre-drill  your mounting  holes. Use a 3/16ths bit  to  drill  a pilot  hole,  and  leave it  at that for  now. Later  on down the  road  we will  talk about drilling the  holes  out  to  the correct  size.

3.  Now that your body is pre-­drilled for the mounting  holes, it's time to clean it up and get ready for painting. We use hot soapy water and a mild non-detergent soap to clean any residue that may be left over from the vacuum forming process. Some folks like to use a scotch bright pad to scuff up the lexan for paint, it's up to you which way to go.

4. After painting, use the correct size drill bit for your post holes. Some like to run the stock HPI grommets and pins, but using just pins is also acceptable. If you plan on using the stock HPI pins, ream the holes out to 12mm and they should slip right in. For using a standard body clip, a 3/8th's size drill bit seems to be the ticket. You want to make sure the drill hole has some  play, and is not tight around the body post. Otherwise this can cause cracking if they are to tight. You can use drywall mesh tape and "shoe­goo" on areas such as the side body mount posts and the rear bed area. This technique works great for helping strengthen the typical "weak" areas of the body and will help with a longer lifespan. Aluminum tape is another option that  works great as well.

Thanks again for choosing a Woodster Lidz body! I hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of it and look forward to hearing your suggestions or comments. Feel free to email us at woodsterlidz@gmail.com Enjoy!