Woodster News

  • 10/15/2010

We are officially underway selling the Wide Body! This body has scale looks and is very tough! We have spent countless hours testing and bashing to make sure these bodies hold up well and have had great success. We are also very proud to announce that DDM will be carrying our bodies as of 11/20/2010! So feel free to take advantage of the great deals at DDM and while you're at it, pick up a brand new Woodster Lidz 5T wide body. With DDM's huge inventory of Baja 5T parts and accessories, it's your one-stop shop for everything you need. A big thanks to DDM for this opportunity for us to showcase our product on their website.. And we are in the beginning stages of our next body. Stay tuned for more news in a few weeks regarding the new design. Thanks for the support!

  • 16/08/2010

Ok guys, it's finally time to introduce the wide version body. These are pictures of our test body made out of ABS plastic, which was used for testing purposes only. The body will be made using the same .093 material I use with my regular version bodies so they'll be super durable and high quality. And they will include updated 2010 version Ford or Chevy style version grill and headlight stickers, and possibly some extras as well!

I'm still working on pricing, but it'll be very well priced just like the regular version bodies are.. I'm shooting for Sept. 1st release, but don't hold me to it Thanks guys for being so patient! Hopefully it'll be worth it for ya.